Getting finished with login & sign up, we started to develop the main page of our app. We planned to show main page even though user is not logined. Because we thought this method can appeal our apps to users. So we disconnected our login module from splash view and connected main view controller to splash view.


And as we planned our basic app structure as tab-bar, we embedded tab-bar to main view controller and connected other reference storyboards to the tabs. To make it simple, I’ll show you the image of how our storyboard looks like.

Coming back to main page of our app ‘Explog’, we thought to benchmark ‘Kakao place’ which is made by one of the biggest IT company in Korea. They have a look like this.

We thought that it has two scroll-views and each scroll-view has some elements like table-view or images. We started to try developing as our thought. I had hard time figuring out fundamentals of the ‘benchmarking page’. But as a result, we succeeded to make something similar to Kakao place. It looks like this.

And the code is like this.

I used some advanced calculation and scroll-view, table-view delegates to embody it. Some hard parts of developing this is to selecting the position of each elements responsively by calculation. Also it needs delegate methods of scroll-view and table-view to act in real-time.

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